Ana Cristina Cash: Discography


Ana Cristina Cash

Release: 2020
Label: Avondale Records
Producer: John Carter Cash
Recording Engineer and Mix Engineer: Chuck Turner
Recording Engineer on Seminole Wind: Gordon Hammond
Second Engineer: Trey Call
Mastering Engineer: Jim DeMain at Yes Master

My Christmas Collection

Ana Cristina Cash

Release: 2018
Label: Avondale Records

The Tough Love EP

Ana Cristina Cash

Release: March 14, 2017
Label: Cash Cabin Enterprises, LLC
Ever since I was a child, music has been my most trustworthy companion. I have always taken it everywhere with me. It fills me up completely, and I've never felt alone. I remember feeling the music deep in my gut and in my bones. I still do. When I began writing, I merged melodies and music to paint a picture of the inner workings of my soul. No matter the human framework of a tough, guarded exterior, the mind and emotions are dazzlingly complex.

The Tough Love E.P. is my own personal sonic spectrum of these inner complexities. This music is deeply influenced by long nights of singing my heart out in dusty bar rooms, by hours of turning up old scratched blues and rockabilly vinyl records. These are the sounds and stories which came to me looking out the windows of my home in Tennessee. This is me digging into the American Roots…

I am so proud to have recorded The Tough Love E.P. at the historical Cash Cabin Studio in Tennessee, where so much amazing music has been recorded over the past decades. This music is true to my heart, an offering from my very soul. And there is more to come. This E.P. is part of my soon to be released album, "Tough Love Woman". Join me on this journey…
Produced by John Carter Cash
Engineered and mixed by Chuck Turner
Recorded and Mixed at Cash Cabin Studio, Hendersonville, TN
Second Engineer, Research and Production Assistance: Trey Call.
Seminole Wind recorded by Gordon Hammond
Copyright 2017, Cash Cabin Enterprises, LLC

The West Coast Sessions

Ana Cristina Cash

Release: 2015
Label: True Gift Music

Ana Cristina

Ana Cristina Cash

Release: 2003
Label: Sony BMG