Ana Cristina Cash

Ana Cristina Cash, shine
Ana Cristina Cash, shine


Ana Cristina Cash makes singer-songwriter magic on her latest full-length effort Shine, released by Avondale Records. Her songs mix a base of rockabilly and gritty blues with soul jazz, and country overtones that results in a unique, identifiable sound. Cash wrote or co-wrote 12 of the 14 songs on Shine and shows a talent for incisive, cliché-free tales of people and the worlds in which they live. Produced by John Carter Cash, her husband and the son of country legends Johnny Cash and June Carter, the set breathes new life into the storytelling art of creating lyrical songs.
- review by Mike O’Cull

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Ana Cristina Cash is a Nashville-based American singer-songwriter who was originally raised in Miami, Florida by her Cuban parents who moved to the United States in the early 1960s during the onset of the revolution. Growing up listening to a multitude of genres, Cash’s sound was influenced by an eclectic array of inspiration from Country, Pop, improvisational Jazz and Latin music. Writing directly from the heart, the singer-songwriter’s recordings exhibit a broad vocal range, spanning from an expressive and resonating contralto to a soaring coloratura soprano, otherwise known as the “whistle register.” Ana earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Florida International University and her master’s degree in creative writing and literature from Harvard University.

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